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Lowe’s is donating $ 1 million to American nursing homes on Mother’s Day because the coronavirus pandemic is preventing some families from celebrating together.

“Mother’s Day is a good time to celebrate among mothers, grandparents, and children,” Marisa Thalberg, director of marketing and branding for Lowe’s, said in a press release. Our thoughts go out to millions of families across the country who cannot be with their loved ones this year.

The flowers come from small business owners and nursery owners that Lowe says could have delayed operations during the epidemic.

Then the joint Uber service will help deliver flowers to more than 500 geriatric and long-term care centers in the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

“We are determined to support our small business partners in these difficult times, including our pandemic-hit nurseries and local growers,” said Bill Boltz, another Lowe CEO. These small local businesses are the backbone of our garden centers and we look forward to continuing to invest in their long-term success.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there were more than 1.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 72,000 deaths in the United States on Wednesday night.

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According to health authorities, the risk of infection with the virus increases for the elderly and people with underlying diseases.

To protect them, authorities are asking people to remain socially distant, as the epidemics in nursing homes were particularly fatal.

Lowe, therefore, sends flowers to make up for this alienation.

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We hope that these flower deliveries, made possible by our network of local daycare centers, will provide nursing homes for mothers and grandparents who may feel alone on Mother’s Day, said Thalberg.

Lowe’s provided a total of $ 250 million to support COVID-19.

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A Lowe’s Home Improvement employee and man were shot to death in a North Carolina store on Monday, and a company spokesperson described the shooting as a family matter.

The names and relationships of the victims were not immediately released, spokeswoman Karen Cobb said. Filming took place at a store in Concord, 20 miles northeast of Charlotte.

No other store worker or customer was injured. Cobb did not know how many people were in the store at the time of the shooting.

The store is closed. Consultants will be in the store for the women’s employees, Cobb said.

Concord police are investigating. Sergeant K.W. Authorities were informed of the shooting around 5:21 p.m., according to Childers.