About Peter McLernon

Success despite adversity.

Early Times

Peter was born on 01/09/1951, one of six children in Perth, Western Australia. He left school at age fifteen.

Vietnam Service

Peter served with Australian military forces in the Vietnam war and returned to Australia at age 20, from a year of active service with the 4th Infantry Battalion.

The Slow Rise

Over the next twenty years he held a number of jobs, from federal policeman to insurance salesman.

He also started and ran a number of businesses in all kinds of disciplines with some degree of success. However he was hampered during those times by an unwillingness to persevere and a lack of purpose and direction. He suffered some serious financial setbacks that led to near bankruptcy in 1995.

It was during this time that he discovered books by some of the great positive thinkers of recent history and began to unravel their secrets of human motivation. He also studied and obtained a qualification in Self Hypnosis techniques and underwent training as a Life Coach.

He began to spend time meditating, reading more inspirational books and searching for a purpose to life.

The Inspiration – Stepping Stones!

During this time he realised that the keys to his and others motivation are to have a desire or a vision, to have a plan and a timetable, to have positive thoughts, to have faith and above all to persevere.

From his reading he had known most of these ingredients of motivation and achievement for years but had not always practised them and had not always persevered as he should. He thought this would be the same for the millions of people who read motivational books every year.

He determined to develop the world’s first physical motivational tool to help himself and others put these key motivators into practice and particularly help us to persevere until the vision became a reality.

He set a five year plan to do two things. To develop Stepping Stones into a worthwhile motivational product and then to use the Stepping Stones principles himself to build a business over the next ten years to prove their viability and value to himself and others.

By 2005 his business was turning over $7,000,000 a year. Over that time he also developed Stepping Stones through his personal use to the point where he released the product to help the millions of other people who are seeking positive changes in their lives.

By the beginning of 2010, using Stepping Stones as a motivational tool and to help him persevere he has built the business turnover from $0 to $20,000,000 a year. He has established several companies that employ more than 100 people on two continents.

Current business operations:

  1. Cabinet making business – MSD Cabinets Pty Ltd

  2. Importing and Wholesaling business – MSD Wholesale Pty Ltd

  3. Retailing business – McLernon’s Supply + Demand

  4. IT business – McLernon’s Supply + Demand IT Division

  5. Auction Business – McLernon’s Supply + Demand Auction Division

  6. Hong Kong Export Agency – MSD National Pty Ltd – King Feng Export Corporation Limited

  7. China Manufacturing company – King Sen Office Furniture – Peoples Republic of China.

  8. A licensed car market in central Perth Gloucester Park Car Market