What Is Business or Personal Coaching?

Coaching is an on-going
partnership that helps you produce 
fulfilling ends up in your personal
and business life.
Peter McLernon

We all have a continuous and often confusing mental debate going on inside our heads that forms the basis of our decision making process. This is never more the case than at times of change or when challenges arise within your life. Your mind chatters away in a never-ending mental monologue. You are continuously receiving and analysing information.

It is at this time of change, challenge and decision making that you could benefit greatly from working with me as your personal coach. I give you the opportunity to expand that internal debate safely and to clarify answers which are right for you, from within your own resources. I help you clearly identify your goals, set your targets and then achieve them.

As your coach I want to firstly get to know and understand you in a completely non-critical, non-judgemental way. Then I want to assist you to clearly identify new, or reinforce existing life, career or business goals. Then I work with you towards achieving those goals and desires in an ongoing working relationship.

As your coach I will help you to achieve more and to produce better results more quickly by enabling you to focus your energy on the important issues. My past and current business, political, family and spiritual experiences give me great insight into life’s ups and downs. I facilitate a process of personal discovery and insight, which in turn activates you to achieve your desires.

How does Stepping Stones Coaching Work?

Coaching Period

Your monthly coaching fee covers four hours of coaching. The first half hour session is free and you can use this session to decide whether or not you can benefit from further sessions.

The first, and partly the second, session involve us getting to know each other. To assist this purpose I ask you to complete some scoping questions with your initial application.

During this period we also clarify your goals – where you are currently, and where you want to be. Your strengths and weaknesses in relation to achieving your goals.

Remaining sessions are used for planning and implementing change. Taking action and reviewing results.

To produce a lasting benefit for you and to assist me in planning my resources, a minimum of one months coaching is recommended.

Stepping Stones principles

In my coaching I use the simple but life changing principles behind Stepping Stones to help you move through change to acheive your goals one step at a time.

The combined power of visualization, positive affirmation (thought), having faith that your desires will be fulfilled and perseverance will move any mountain.

Who can benefit?

Let’s face it, we can all do with a little outside help from time to time obtaining financial and business success or acheiving any other personal or business goal.

Stepping Stones Coaching can help you change your life one step at a time.