Cold and The Flu

Cold and flu are respiratory disorders which are caused by airborne viruses. While the fact that virus related diseases are untreatable is true, the symptoms can be eased.

Common cold and flu have similar symptoms. These are annoying and can be world shattering for some. The symptoms create so much trouble for patients that many just wish to get better by using magic, however that is impossible.

The solution?

The symptoms can be controlled by some tested methods. These topics will help you to not feel like crap during a cold or a flu:

  • Consult a doctor:

Consult a doctorIn case of a medical situation, let the experts do their job. Common cold and flu are so similar that it is almost impossible for normal person to distinguish between them. The advice of a doctor is very important here. Going to the doctor as soon as the first signs show up, is helpful. Many times people ignore the symptoms, however this can lead them to suffer later. Do you suffer from headache, body pain, runny nose, nausea?

  • Remember the procedure:

The trigger for an onset of the Flu or a Cold can be different for different people. Yet, individually a person can notice the cause-effect relation every time he/she experiences one of these disease. It can be helpful to avoid getting sick in future. You can also remember the steps you take to calm down during a period of sickness. This can be a helpful trick to curb the pain of symptoms before consulting a Doctor.

  • Eating and drinking habits:

Eating and drinking habits

Diseases are sure to affect our diet, and respiratory illnesses are no exceptions. Consuming warm food and liquids are comforting to throat region. The warmth of food and drinks help to clear the congestion of cough. It is suggested, to drink a bowl of soup or a cup of tea is soothing. These do not defeat the infection itself but provide relief from symptoms.

  • Knowing the difference between a cold and flu:

A common cold can occur any time of year, while the outbreak of flu is highest in “Flu Season”. The symptoms of cold are milder than that of flu. They are similar in nature, attacking the respiratory tract, nose, throat, etc. However, a person having flu is more likely to be needing a complete bed rest. People with cold only have a runny nose and mild headache. This difference is basic in nature. Nevertheless, a proper pathological study is required to diagnose a person. The Doctor saves the day again.

  • What to avoid?

Grumpiness, anger, fatigue, restlessness, fever, etc. are common mood signs when people suffer from a cold or a flu. The patients must purposely avoid themselves to indulge in any activity which they know is uncomfortable. Loud music, drinking cola-drinks, alcohol, ice creams, etc. must be avoided. Peace of mind is of utmost importance for mental rest. If the mind is stable, the body does not take much time to heal.

At the end, it is still suggested that a Doctor must be consulted without fail.

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