A healthy life starts off with a healthy mind. Surprised?

That’s how it is. You should have a happy, and peaceful mind to even think about leading a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with the mind, and then what matters is your execution.

Better Lifestyle & Natural (Organic) Eating

Health Magazines Focussing on Better Lifestyle & Natural Eating

If you Google around on better eating habits and healthy living, there is so much information available at your fingertips. But it may create a confusion as whom to follow to know the importance of healthy eating habits, and then the laziness may kick in too!

Instead of online solutions, you can go with Health Magazines which offer better quality insights on the right way of living. Some of my personal picks have been listed below-

1. Nutrition Today

Nutrition Today

This one’s professional publication that is journal reviewed by peer groups. If you are up to find new interesting facts and data, then this is just the perfect choice for you.

2. Natural Solutions Magazine

Natural Solutions Magazine

If you are conscious about your health and your family-friends, then you will find lots of care in the Natural Solutions Magazine.

3. Clean Eating Magazine

`Clean Eating Magazine

When you make your mind to follow a healthy lifestyle, it’s not just a diet thing that you have to follow. It is the way of living and could get challenging too. Clean Eating Magazine makes it fun and interesting for you.

4. Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple Magazine

Busy lives can make the living hectic, and you will tend to compromise with your diet too. Stop doing that to your body, and get the Real Simple Magazine. Though it is written with keeping the women in preference, still there are many cool tips provided for the men too.

5. EatingWell Magazine

Eatingwell magazine

Last, not the least is the EatingWell Magazine that is also a good inspiring option for leading to a healthy living. It offers many health-centric recipes, but there is much more to the book itself. For example, there is a section called ‘4 Ways’ which features how you could use a particular ingredient in 4 different ways.

These are my recommendations, and I personally love reading them. If you are new to reading health magazine, select any one of them and try to stick to one book at a time. 

Also, share in your magazine suggestions if you are reading any.

Sending Good Vibes your way!