There are a hell lot of benefits of doing exercises regularly, and choosing any 3 of them was challenging and confusing. To be frank.

Just focussing on the exercise is not the right way to do it, you should have a healthy and balanced diet as well to maintain the overall health.

Coming to the point of exercises and fitness, there are different ways in which you could take care of that. Sports is one of the best ways to take care of your health, along with keeping up the fun factor.

3 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Sports

Are you bored of the usual running and cardio workout that you do on a daily basis?

Then you can replace them with any of the sports like badminton, ping pong, football, etc. Sports keeps you entertained and also ensures that your health is maintained properly. It allows you to function effectively by involving all the muscles of the body.

#1 Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

The heart is the number one element which benefits the most with the sports. With the presence of sports, you are actually letting the heart to pump in more blood, that is, in turn, a good thing for the body.

#2 Bring the Discipline & Positivity in your life

Playing a sport for a long time will inspire you to live the life with certain rules and regulations. This may sound a bit boring, living life with rules. But trust me, this quality instills a positive outlook on the minds and you could build positive relationships with everyone around you.

You can try getting one of the finest ping pong table at your office for refreshment and building a positive outlook towards one’s life.

#3 Weight in Control

Weight in Control

Sports is one form of exercise, and carrying out this routine in the right way will help you in burning lots of calories.

Obesity is yet another problem which is found to be common among people these days. It can hit the person at a young age or even in their adulthood. Therefore, indulging in exercise and lots of sports can help in controlling this problem in its beginning stage itself. You might have also seen that people who regularly play sports are fit and have a lean body.

So, these are according to me the 3 Key Benefits of getting involved in Sports. If you are up for any sports, then you can check your favorite sport or the ones that are commonly played in your neighborhood. There are numerous sports choices that you can pick from, so it’s not as hard as it may seem.

A healthy life starts off with a healthy mind. Surprised?

That’s how it is. You should have a happy, and peaceful mind to even think about leading a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with the mind, and then what matters is your execution.

Better Lifestyle & Natural (Organic) Eating

Health Magazines Focussing on Better Lifestyle & Natural Eating

If you Google around on better eating habits and healthy living, there is so much information available at your fingertips. But it may create a confusion as whom to follow to know the importance of healthy eating habits, and then the laziness may kick in too!

Instead of online solutions, you can go with Health Magazines which offer better quality insights on the right way of living. Some of my personal picks have been listed below-

1. Nutrition Today

Nutrition Today

This one’s professional publication that is journal reviewed by peer groups. If you are up to find new interesting facts and data, then this is just the perfect choice for you.

2. Natural Solutions Magazine

Natural Solutions Magazine

If you are conscious about your health and your family-friends, then you will find lots of care in the Natural Solutions Magazine.

3. Clean Eating Magazine

`Clean Eating Magazine

When you make your mind to follow a healthy lifestyle, it’s not just a diet thing that you have to follow. It is the way of living and could get challenging too. Clean Eating Magazine makes it fun and interesting for you.

4. Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple Magazine

Busy lives can make the living hectic, and you will tend to compromise with your diet too. Stop doing that to your body, and get the Real Simple Magazine. Though it is written with keeping the women in preference, still there are many cool tips provided for the men too.

5. EatingWell Magazine

Eatingwell magazine

Last, not the least is the EatingWell Magazine that is also a good inspiring option for leading to a healthy living. It offers many health-centric recipes, but there is much more to the book itself. For example, there is a section called ‘4 Ways’ which features how you could use a particular ingredient in 4 different ways.

These are my recommendations, and I personally love reading them. If you are new to reading health magazine, select any one of them and try to stick to one book at a time. 

Also, share in your magazine suggestions if you are reading any.

Sending Good Vibes your way!

I had this question on my mind for a long time, that why do the startups are encouraging Ping Pong game? Yes, it is indeed a refreshing game and will keep the workers more active at work. But this answer is incomplete.

Did some study behind the game, and thought to share my part of the study with you guys.

Why so many Startup Offices have Ping Pong Tables?

Ping Pong, also commonly known as Table Tennis – both of the names refer to the same game. This game is played between two or four players where they have to hit a light-weighted ball with the help of a small bat. It is played on a hard surfaced table, which is divided by a net.

Why so many Startup Offices have Ping Pong Tables

Coming to our main discussion, it is found that Ping Pong game and startup environment both works concurrently. Just like, when I talk about a gadget freak guy you will find many Smart devices with that person. In the same way, startup culture and the Ping Pong go well together.

Ping Pong has been called as a ‘brain sport‘ by Wendy Suzuki, who is a Neuroscience Professor at the New York University. He has studied about the way the game affects a human brain, making it more active and motivated.

According to the Professor, the table tennis game helps in enhancing the mind controls; it even increases the memory power. This sport energizes that portion of the brain which is responsible for productivity and other decision-making skills.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy – this is the apt proverb for our topic. Isn’t it?

Taking breaks is important, especially when you are continuously working without any refreshments. It is believed that just a 15 mins of Ping Pong increases the focus, skill, and makes the person more enthusiastic than before.

Another factor is the relationship building which is necessary for the overall company growth. Especially in the space where people are working on different floors of the building! After a short ping pong break, you will have a different perspective of the work you were doing. Giving you more productive and innovative ideas.

Talking about the working style, the firm should never feel like a factory for the employees. An equal amount of fun and relaxation is necessary along with serious work. You will find out that there is a vast difference between office and best home ping pong table based on requirements.

For building up a strong boss-employee relationship, it is must to have a facility where the person can engage themselves freely. The game works like a give and take – when your employees are putting in so many efforts and working for you, it is the responsibility of the employer to give some leisure back.

Some other add-on benefits of the game-

  • Games are always refreshing, and happy employees deliver the most productive output.
  • This game enhances all the brain controls and does not require a lot of space too.
  • You won’t find it as a workout, but still, it is!
  • Also to add, 15 mins of ping pong game exhausts you more quickly than any other sport.

So, these are the various reasons which make Ping Pong – the most appropriate game for any start-up office. Having this game-break is way more effective than a mindless break!

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