Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews | Our Top Picks!

Looking out for the Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews? If yes, then this post will provide the correct solution for the query. In reality, I was looking out for such a self-cleaning box a month back, did my part of research online and asked many of my friends too!

My personal favorite is the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box. One of the major benefits is the cleaning method found here, and it does not require electricity too.

It is indeed a Budget-friendly pick which is low on maintenance too. What else do you wish to have?

Our Choices for: Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews

Cat Litter management is never gonna be a laborious task! Using a Self Cleaning Litter Box, you can not only deal with the litter but also get the odor reduced significantly. People do search popular reviews blog such as MashableWikiHowlitterboxhubboredpanda.

We will list the Top Picks below; with the features and entire working of the unit. Let’s begin!

#1 Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Roll n Clean litter box is the number one recommendation. It does not make use of electricity, and so you can never get the product down at any moment! Simply roll it up, and that’s it! Can you get anything simpler as this one?

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

The size of the box is pretty large, so it can smoothly work for multiple cat households. It can even work great for big cats. This litter box is found to be effective in removing the odor as well as the dust!

Quick Features

  • With this super easy cleaning system, you can get all the waste collected in just seconds.
  • It makes use of less litter compared to other traditional litter boxes.
  • While the box is tilted on one side, only the clumped litter is collected. This leaves the clean litter back inside the box itself.


Well, it is much easier than you can ever imagine. Just roll the box on the right side, and you are done. Omega Paw litter box works the best with the clay or any clumping litter. There is one screen present within which separates both the waste and the clean litter.

#2 ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box

The next on the list is yet another innovative self-cleaning box. It performs the cleaning task on its own, thus maintaining a clean and healthy environment in the surrounding. For cleaning purpose, you just have to place a lid on the top of a tray, and throw it away. That is the only task you have to perform!

ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box

Quick Features

  • You can go on for weeks without cleaning the litter box. Still, it is not something which I will suggest to the readers.
  •  The litter tray used in here is disposable one. No need to think much! Use and replace it with another disposable litter tray.
  • Crystal litters are found to be more effective at reducing the odor, compared to any other litter type.
  • There is one Privacy included with the box. This is an optional component which has to be bought separately. Its purpose is to provide the best kind of privacy and protection to your kitty.


Disposable litter trays are available in the market, so buy some additional ones along with the ScoopFree box. Apart from it, you can try to understand causes of a cat peeing outside of litter box.

Attach the litter tray with the box, and let your cat do their business. When the cleaning time approaches; simply remove the tray, and replace it with fresh, clean litter.

#3 CatGenie Self Washing Self Cleaning Cat Box

This is the most advanced from all the reviewed ones. Once you install the CatGenie box at your place, you won’t require the need to wash, see, or deal with the litter ever again! How’s that possible?

CatGenie Self Washing Self Cleaning Cat Box

Quick Features

  • They make use of washable granules, instead of the ordinary litters.
  • Installation is simple, and a complete DIY! It requires only one-time installation, so choose the location accordingly.
  • For the setup, you will need a cold water connection along with an electrical power source.
  • Works cool when setup in your washroom. The drain pipe coming through the litter box can be passed into your toilet. You can hold it inside using the toilet seat too.
  • This will work perfectly for a household of no more than three cats.


After your kitty has done its job, and there are three primary processes which take place inside the box.

They are- Scooping, Washing, and finally Drying. Complete steps for cleaning the box is given below.

So, initially, the litter box does the scooping of all the waste lumps. Then water is run on the cat litter waste, and this helps in easy drainage!

After all the litter and lumps are washed away, take the SaniSolution, and it performs the washing task. The last process is done by the Dryer, which dries all the granules and makes it ready for the next use.

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