Analyzing the performance of the DGCustomerFirst in the small towns

City officials in some cities where General Dollar is located were surprised by the network’s interest. Joseph Neis was born in Edgeley and grew there, 563 people where the chain built a business. He lived his entire life in LaMoure County, except for two years when he was in the military. He has been an accountant since 1999 and a former mayor for 13 years.

Neis had never heard of Dollar General when a developer representing the retailer called and asked about available land.

I thought it was blowing hot air, said Neis. “I have been working in development for 25 years. You don’t see this type of investment in a small community like Edgeley.

If Edgeley residents needed something they couldn’t buy locally or wanted cheap paper products or dog food, they would have to drive 75 miles to Jamestown, where there is a Walmart, Menard’s, Tractor Supply Co. and Home Super Center for the economy.

We have very limited retail sales here, said Neis. “This is a great advantage for us. It will prevent people from going to Jamestown.”

What must the local stores do to give a tough competition to  Dollar General?

Companies in cities where the chain opened said they highlighted products that the chain did not have in stock to differentiate their overall business.

For example, Hankinson Drug stores luxury clothing and gifts like candles. Julie Falk, an owner of the business with husband Nathan, said 92% of the business was income. She says the store offers health and beauty products like Dollar General that are sold over the counter but only account for 2% of sales.

In general, people leave the city to get these things, he said.

Jeff Miller, the owner of Miller Fresh Foods, based in Mayville, has supermarkets in nine cities in North Dakota. Seven, including Mayville, generally have or receive one dollar.

Why DGCustomerFirst?

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The company prepared for the arrival of Dollar General by expanding its frozen food, dairy and produce business and by reducing the inventory of general and health and beauty products that consumers can buy in cheaper dollars. General.

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“We have reconfigured our business,” said Miller. “You can’t make fresh meat. You don’t.”

Other retailers claim that Dollar General cannot compete with them in any category in terms of quality or depth of their selection. Consumers can buy a cheap package of nails from Dollar General. However, if you need a specific screw or drill size, please contact your local hardware store.

“We have a lot of options,” said Jerry Praska, owner of Praska Hardware Hank in Oakes, an hour west of Hankinson, where Dollar General opened in February. “We have more specific items. We have 20 feet of screws.”

Retailers and retail analysts say the biggest advantage of fashion retailers for a chain like Dollar General is the quality of customer service.

On a Wednesday morning in Hankinson, Dollar General only had one employee. Hankinson Drug, Post Hank Hardware, and Miller Fresh Foods had multiple employees available to assist customers.