The Abundance Institute

The Abundance Institute primarily based in Perth, Western Australia, promotes ‘small c’ capitalist economy as an economic framework, and ‘big D’ Democracy as a form of government and individual spirituality . we tend to believe that among these disciplines, people will best accomplish a fortunate and fulfilling life.

Abundance means “fullness to overflowing” in the sense of a rewarding and fulfilling life in all its dimensions. The achieving of balance and harmony of health, spirit, love and worldly possessions. We believe that through vision, positive thinking, faith, planning, action and persistence all desires can be transformed into reality.

Individual Spirituality

Spirituality revolves around freedom and tolerance of belief systems. We believe that religions should be outward expressions of self-discipline, self-love and self-responsibility. It is only by taking responsibility for ourselves, loving ourselves and being disciplined that we may create peace on Earth amongst all humankind.


We believe that there are as many definitions of success, in the context of leading a successful life, as there are seekers and that success lies as much in the attempt as in the achievement.